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This is the closing track of my new EP, "The One". Best if you listen with headphones to immerse in the sound. I hope you like it. And if you don't...well....my bad. I like it. :) Liner notes “The One” is the culmination of several years of performances and experimentation. It has always had a form, going back to about 2016. It was originally going to be a sprawling closing track for an abandoned concept album which was too ambitious and split off into different projects. It didn’t bloom until I realized the sound of the gong, which I had never played with before. The spiritual symbolism of the gong isn’t lost on me, and it’s used here to represent transcendence. “The One” can mean a simple object, or the love of your life, or “Oneness”. The gong starts out sounding like a normal gong, but morphs into something else. If you listen to the gong, there are discrete pitches, and with the right manipulations it starts to sing like a choir. In this recording (piece, song, tone poem? I don’t know what to call it) there is a narrative, telling the story of people of Africa coming together and traveling on an interstellar voyage that would take them to “The Promised Land”. A life without want or hate on a higher plane. They don’t know if it’s real, but they figure it's worth a shot. The opening track title “Exodus” is a nod to the Biblical story and the Bob Marley song. Hopefully when you listen you will get a sense of journey, metamorphosis, and optimism. Some of the sounds you hear... gongs, crotales, glockenspiel, tubular bells, celesta, electric keyboard, and many more. Original space audio recordings provided courtesy of NASA and The University of Iowa. https://space-audio.org/ more
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