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Dead Marsh Revenants
Another track off my debut album, "Those Born of Fire & Shadow". During Gondor's war with the Wainriders, King Ondoher's army was caught by surprise and some of his defeated army attempted to escape into the marshes, only to drown. General Eärnil then defeated the Wainriders at the Battle of the Camp in TA 1944, they were driven into the marshes where most perished... -- Music and arrangements by H. Brand with additional arrangements by C. Bingham. Lyrics by C. Bingham Recorded by H. Brand and C. Bingham. Mixed by C. Bingham at Nightmare Sound. Mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room. Cover art by H. Brand (Brandmerkk) - www.heinobrand.commore
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