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Slow down Yo Let your dreams be your occupation No need to go Fast When you operatin Livin life To the fullest But I live in Patients You can visit The world If you can Visualize No need to Stay shut When you can open eyes I know you'll See it in time If you can recognize With more magic Then a genie You can change your life No drama Had to realize I could Let it go Had to act like Ass and had to let it show I stay cold Like December Singing let it snow What's love Got to do When we live in violence What's words got to do When we live in silence You got to speak up The world Is just a Different place You got to stand up And show The world You'll stand in place There's no case If you never Start investigatin There's no good If you never spoke The words of Satan There's no first If you never took A chance to Place in I'm so complacent I gotta have a thousand dreams I'm like the rivers On Earth I need a thousand Streams And a thousand likes And a thousand Hates To keep the balance in life I need a Thousand takes I'm not perfect So I'll never Ever claim to be I'm just being myself So I'm just being me With more REEL /REAL Than a 1966 projector I stay deep in my zone So I stay in My sector I Juice the fruits In my Life So I collect My nectar No loss cuzz I never wanna search the found I stay deep So I don't never Have to hit The ground I come around So I could see The way I Used to be I cut Roots So I can Leave the way I used to tree I'm moving on With my life So I can Better self I cut the fat Out of beef So I can better Health I played the Cards In my life Until there Better dealt I keep the mood That I'm in Until there better felt It's all madness Every second is a different time It's how you choosing Your path That makes a Different climb It's how you choosin To vine that makes A different wine It's how you water Your soul that makes A different mind Go figure Everybody Chase a pot Of Gold I Spit The knowledge For they TRIP Every bar of gold Check Schematics Like you alpha From the power rangers You be quick to be told These lyrics danger danger Such a stranger But still You say I sound Familiar I speak the Words Of the Truth Hip hop Will never fail yah I'm hot dog So you know she gotta Come with buns She movin Up with her life Nobody throwin Ones Congratulations To my people Going out achievin You are the stars of my Life don't let me Catch you cheatin Gets a beat Inside my soul And I can walk With strangers I love to travel the mind So I can spot the dangers And the Love πŸ’• How da mind is such a pretty place I press create And I'm standin at the city Gates I push pause when I'm feeling like it's Really late Ill hit refresh on my mind If I'm ever feeling fake more
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