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Chasing Rockets
pulled our love from out your pocket taped it to a rocket then you lit the fuse blast off! i only think to grab on pulling limb from socket but can't think why i want it anymore oh, now i'm floating and i can still hear you gloating from 62 miles away how you got your way and weren't you proud of yourself now i can feel it building pressure in my feeling organ shame you couldn't be here to watch my heart explode i'm in dire straights here cos i won't let it go i need to let it go now i'm falling back onto the growing earth and i'm just glowing smile from ear to ear i stretch my arms out like a falling angel free from fairytales free from all i fear oh, now i'm floating salted and soaking with not a cloud in the sky i wondered if i had died and that would be fine i'm riding this current freely where ever it wants to take me i don't care i'm free i freed me of you i just let you go i'm done chasing rockets i thought i'd let you know i just let you gomore
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