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234 FIRE
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LGBTQ legitimately gone wild Paedophiles with no clues sexuality mentality Used and abused kids missing all over the news cops do nothing just more To Be on excused Motherfuckers should be on Excute My losse chains are tied in two and this is all government produced Just like the food We eat it because we got nothing to prove We got a learn what we choose But a sickness is not a sexuality that’s the truth so fuck the lgbtq I’m killer I’ll be comeing for you more famous I get I will be fucking with you like Dick in the anus Do you need to be in a prisoner shoes to understand that u Ant no crew You just really Screwed in the concept which is built out of the blue tell me some facts I know most people that are Waked just like you have actually been mentally and sexually abuse so they think it’s a right to use another kids For favor minds that’s actually rude Disgustingness I’m actually sick of you I’m coming in and I’m tieing up this nose hanging by ur shoes every one of you goafs I my Lost shit allway through It’s time for me Make a move Tell me some common sense and what you do Because I’m a Lock them on the island so they come to their doom Jawsayon now get a Fucking room if I tack isp to all way your home set up Satellite and some mirrors put theam In tune Shoot a sound frequency at the exact area Of where your from And then the whole building come down like boom that’s what call sonic boom stop doing all theam shroom convincingly touching kids your fucked my dude all of The views he Gets from dark web Dark hearted group Darker then the sins done by me and u darker theN trumps fake news you better watch yourself I got lots to prove I’m not scared of none of you this goes out to the LGBTQ more
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