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100 FIRE
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DREAMLAND: A "progressive drone house" track uniting peaceful with warlike: where sleepy drone sounds meet fierce military-march-style drumrolls. -- Formerly called "51", Dreamland was created on September 28, 2017, during a very experimental phase in my music production. My other track "Amazonas" was made during this time too, and like Amazonas, this track's main "drone" sound uses randomised feedbacks, except this time no automation data was used for just played on its own when I released my finger from the keyboard. -- While it was made in 2017, it was left untouched until a few days before upload. My only regret is that I've made this track unnecessarily long. -- The result is this sleepy-sounding track, but with percussion similar to that used in military marches. It is peaceful and warlike at the same time, a nod to my habitual antic of seamlessly merging two opposing ideas together in my music, like I did in 2020 Overture, with fast and slow beats being played simultaneously. -- Stay tuned for more eclectic musical madness! You can hear this on other platforms of your choosing, like Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify, at! -- Follow me on for the latest MOULE updates!more
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