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Never Alone (We Stand Together)
This song is in memory of the 10 souls who lost their lives (mostly women) and the 16 seriously and permanently injured following the now infamous 'van attack' in Toronto April 23, 2018. The trial of the attacker/driver is about to take place. The song was recorded in my home studio with piano. I also did all the back up vocals and played all the midi parts except for a couple logic pro loops used for the background chorus. This was a very difficult track to finish given the circumstances surrounding the incident. Lyrically, this can also identify with the surviving families who have lost loved ones due to the current pandemic. Release Date: 12/17/2018 Production: PGAMusicProductions. Songwriters: Pat Reid Publishing & PRO: PGAMusicProductions/SOCAN Vocals: Pat Reid Back Up Vocals: Pat Reid Piano: Pat Reid Midi: Drums; Bass; Horns, Strings, Percussion: Pat Reid. more
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