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Todd Won't See It
She cheated and you have revenge fantasies but you're also supposed to be a feminist ally so you argue with your conscience about it for 4 1/2 minutes because even "the most progressive cisgender male you know" still has issues that he needs to work out. Todd Won't See It I'd love you But I'm too crazy I'd leave you But I'm too lazy I'd kill you but I don't know How to kill someone without a soul Can you kill someone without a soul? I'm gonna show all her friends' husbands What they did on the bachelorette cruise And sneak around back and take our dog Go find her mom at the bar I heard she's single now, too I'm just speeding karma up I'm just speeding karma up Let my conscience sing Ain't slingin' mud, but I have dirt Truth is all I've been after I'm so bad You're just mad Slut shamer says he's feminist Is revenge worth your values? Don't wanna validate her deception Her dog's the one thing that really loves her I'm just speeding karma up No, just keep it covered up So that Todd won't see What Gaston has seen What Epstein seen But the riptide's forcing my heel turn Ain't slingin' mud but I have dirt Take it out to sea And throw that malevolence overboard Just speeding karma up Just keep it covered up Let my conscience sing I'm so bad Why can't you see that? I'm so bad I don't blame you I make myself sick, too I'm a man Oh, here we fuckin' go And I'm entitled to all of her pain You'll only hurt yourself, man Anchors aweigh Let's make waves We found him on the beach He drowned Alone If there were an animal worse than a bloated pig Wallowing around in something dirtier than mud Like shit, but sicker than shit That's what you make me feel like What does it take? What does it take to feel right? What do I take? What do I take to feel right? I'm so bad Why can't you see that? I'm so bad I don't blame you I make myself sick, toomore
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