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Return to Amber Tower
I’ve been playing this song at shows for a little while now so I thought it should be the first track shared from the next album. I wrote the majority of it while getting lost on a hike in the muskegs near the Northwest Territories border. I didn’t have bear spray so I needed to keep singing something to calm myself and alert bears of my presence. When I somehow made it back to my tower I read about a neighbouring lookout who was hiking through these same woods and forgot to use flagging tape so she had to spend the night at a swampy lake until rescued by a helicopter in the morning. While memories of my desperation were fresh I rewrote the verses to reflect her more eventful story. I recorded a couple full band versions but when I was listening back to the lyrics it felt right to strip it back to mostly my voice and a ukulele. Anyways… thanks for listening!more
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