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TRASH 新 ドラゴン RELEASE! www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7K1c1A2VsQ #TrashGang R4ID: @lukezimm www.instagram.com/r4id_tv WITHINSANITY: @withinsanitymusic www.withinsanity.ca www.twitter.com/withinsanityedm www.instagram.com/withinsanitymusic KEIFERGR33N: www.twitch.tv/KEIFERGR33N @keefbeats www.twitter.com/KEIFERGR33N Lyrics: Gastly pale specter of the maelstrom Pullin up makin you look like a fail son Buckin off shots to your top wit a rail gun Fuckin on ya thot and I tell her your welcome And im out Bout to show you what its all about Big boss pimp leavin big dents in ya couch Swear on Jesus Christ You gonna have to pay the fee. The price Gets higher with demand. See the man's so nice Wit the slaps you gonna wanna keep running it back Bumpin subwoofer crackin it gon leave you head detached Issa fact. critical hittin when I attack roll the dice. when I'm Writing stick the pen in your back. get stabbed By the iconic ironic bionic mastermind Eyes on the prize and I'm grinding til I'm satisfied Try me and you cast aside. I'm the sun to You ants the beats is the magnifier I got the katana I got the katana do not run up on me I got the katana do not run up on me Marijuana majority of my blood stream You can't find another mothafucker like me Come wit the drama you gonna R I P They cannot believe my monopoly on this G shit. Ay I am not police I'm the opposite I'm a street kid. Fuck private property on an Odyssey with my legion. Constantly smoking upon the broccoli Obvious I'm on prodigy nobody on top of me. Bitch obey the prophecy I will not be mistreated. This ain't democracy I'm a dictator leadin. Bitch sayin they need a break well I hate to break it to ya You can't hit the brakes on freight train that's breaking through ya Stay on ya Playstation don't play with shooters Play a game wit me it's guaranteed you gonna be the losermore
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