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Underwater Bitz
For Pixel Day 2021 and The Video Game Music Challenge, I present "Underwater Bitz". It's a hard hitting banger with lots of atmosphere, my favorite. It's a mix of everything from video game bitz to electronic dance music and a touch of dubstep. I'm just proud of my self for working hard to be better at making music like this. A lot of people have mentioned finding a story behind my songs, sci-fi and fantasy related. I worked hard on this for the last few hours without sleep and I'm hoping you guys like this one. I'm hoping you guys do, and if I had a story behind this one I'd say think of the ocean and you're falling. You can breathe just fine but the weight of the water has got you in it's grip. Holding on tightly as you sink into the bottom of a forbidden world. Lost in the fabric of time. *Sink Underwater* more
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