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Shop Wandering
My brother and I only see each other once every several years. When we can, we try to make some art. (Joel turns on to Daniel Avenue) "Let's stop at this one. Is it open?" We are the only ones there at that time of day. Talk to the shop keeper. They have stories to tell. Forgotten relics are discovered in a cluttered antique shop, preferably with another someone. If there is time, take a look at every item. Imagine who held it precious in another time. Both of us perform an asymmetrical slow shuffle through the aisles. Find at least five objects that hold no clue as to their origin, maker, or use. Buy one. "Is this an original?... Where will I put it if I buy it?... That one is so you... You should put this in your antique camera shrine... Grandma used to have one just like that..." Our psyches divide between two groups of things: important, impractical talismans and generic devices that know too much and are far too useful. This song meanders as all of us do in the antique shop of our mind. (a holy activity). Search, admire, count the cost, but do not break anything. Someone may need it. If you had all the time in the world, you might never escape this place. "That was a weird place." "Let's go to another one."more
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