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Tarra is an organic house song with Greek elements and an emphasis on the lute organ. It’s a melodic journey from Crete to Africa especially when you listen to the Kalimba and the percussion organs. The two producers (Starwalk & Alej Ch) joined forces for a beautiful result. The inspiration for the song came from an ancient city in the south of Crete named Tarra. Tarra was the seaport to Elyros where the very famous temple of Apollo and a healing center used to be. There is a legend that says that God Apollo came to Samaria after having killed the Python in Delphi, in order to get purified by the great priest and healer Karmanor where he fell in love with the Minoan nymph Akkakalis. Dazzled by her beauty, he stayed in her arms long enough to be late for bringing the dawn of the coming day. It was the longest night ever known in the world.more
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