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Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
Follow for follow on Spotify, Soundcloud, And Instagram! Sub for Sub on Youtube! Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang - Mental House This is a punk song I made about a woman that wants to see me dead, She hates my guts and thinks me the devil. She enjoys watching people suffer, She hates my laugh and hates it when I smile, She has brought me much pain and her only goal in life right now is to ensure my demise. Overall, This a metaphoric representation of how much this person hates me, and how she essentially killed everything I was with the unjust power of manipulation, brainwash, a fat egotistical vagina, an undeserving badge and permission to hold a gun, as well as a lying state of performance that is her wicked agenda. Enjoy! Music produced by Maison Haffie using Mixcraft 9 Cover art made by Maison Haffie Lyrics are written by Maison Haffie Performed by Maison Haffie/Mental House Video made by Maison Haffie using Wondershare Filmora © Maison Haffie Sole Owner of MentalHouse Records and MaiMaiProductionsmore
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