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perfect circle of sound (part1 in the beginning) here is the link to the full song, all 18 minutes it's to long to post here sorry please check it out its worth the effort for the last half... was so lucky that my partner came by last night and we played a live bit so from myself and xyz8 i cannot even articulate the feeling when space and time cease to be and all that remains is you and the vibration and it is the coolest thing ever. my closest mate, production partner and life long accomplice recorded this live last night and i really love it there wasn't anything about our time here that i would change. and god i just love this kid he is an amazing talent and an incredible artist as well as one of the few remaining beacons of light in an ever darkening world... please enjoy this , the first half of the track i will post the the second half momentarily and they really should be heard front to back so if you have 18 minutes to spare . i am eternally grateful. let me know whats up🙊🙈🙏🙏more
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