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This song Releases any day now on all streamers SLAP IT :) LYRICS: Verse 1 I lost a lot of homeboys on the come up, lot of long nights no sleep til the sun up. Patiently waiting perfected my craft, Buying hardware, gotta wait for the slab, 10 toes down, push both both hands in. I was goin off by the time I turned 10, Young and the Restless, Livin mighty wreccless, Accidentally swallowed a Diamond for breakfast. 6ft tall bih pushin 250, Choppa gotta kicc when it kiss leave hickies, breakin down a bat bih rollin up sticky, Glocc gotta set of ears look like Mickey. I been goin in no time to wait on a friend, Im tryin jus stuff the weight in a lil benz, jump on the interstate goin get a bag, Independent hustle I aint kissin no ass. Louisiana Made on my tattoo, Glocc gotta attitude dont put her in a bad mood, Hop out blast you, Hollow tips harrass you, Bag em up put the lil bih in the trash too, Mista gon go I dont play games with no hoe, I jus take aim and then bang at your throat, I been gettin money, u bangin that dope, u worried boutta hit and we bangin yo hoe. HOOK: If I pull up Ima hop out, Choppa arm strong like popeye, Still goin up no Drop Out, Aint takin takin no plea no cop out VERSE 2: I used to push dope, hand over fist with the coc, I never switch, bitch I sticc to the Code, I feel I'm sicc and I'm cold, Do I need a shrink or a mink, bitch im big and im bold U never get shit if you dont put in, I b in the booth gettin lit put my foot in, Whole lotta Gang shit, All my boys slang shit, Hop out and bang shit, Armed and Dangerous! A foot in the grave and one in the streets, These racists be coverin they faces with sheets, But covid done gave us a mask, I catch one u bitches im bussin yo ass, It's Halloween season, Im feelin like Jason, Im hunting you down for all of them statements, bitch when I catch u Ima get flagrent, Soaking your blood through all of the pavement HOOK: If I pull up Ima hop out, Choppa arm strong like popeye, Still goin up no Drop Out, Aint takin takin no plea no cop out more
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