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The Deep Puna Blues
This is 'The Deep Puna Blues' ; a psychedelic banjo track from Tree's upcoming Studio Album 'Thirteen Lomilomi' set for official release worldwide on October 13th 2021 - pre-save will be available soon and is available on the Tree Danko/HappyFish Records Website alongside Trees' EP 'Killer UFOT vs Rellik TOFU' and 3 special edition LIVE albums (now available). The official Tree Danko / HappyFish Records website is now live.... ... and if you'd like to be featured leave a comment & some fire and I will consider you for my 'Friends of Tree Danko' page featured spot. This track explores topics ranging from time traveling, to drug dealing, circumcisions & coat-hanger abortions. Inspired by the Grateful Dead & Jerry Garcia's 'Deep Elem Blues' in the Talk-Story style of Woody Guthrie & Bob Dylan. Enjoy this slice of Local Puna Style Music from the Big Island of Hawai'i & be sure to follow on Spotify!more
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