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Antidote (Trap House)
We started real yung from da trap house now we in a full house Let me tell you what this life is about Me and my niggas squeezed it Then shared it equally Da feds right at da door please Don’t get greedy This lifestyle was meant to be This is not what they wanted to see My dreams and your dreams came to reality I exposed da news I see a different view I fucked da world Like it’s my girl. man I couldn’t sleep Da pain was deep Da Hennessy had da best of me My enemies couldn’t intervene I pray da Lord my soul to keep Smoke Antidope Da feds right at da door We gonna get some more They at da door Smoke Antidope Da feds right at da door We gonna get some more They at da door ayy i walked a mile in my shoes now look back to all i been through young nigga straight from poverty i lead myself to victory i sweat my blood and tears i face my fears like i didnt care even when it hard to breathe air one life to live but it aint fair i spit my sould on the beat it rises the heat above my feet it so amazin to see what was happenin to me rappin on beats so magically it does half of the speech painfully they lovin me girls sexin me , flex wit me, harrassin me haters mad to see me on the scene like Martin Luther King i was born with a dream to pursue by any means necessary im comin for u dog like a vetenary just talk to my bro from commisary told me he'll be home by february more
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