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High Voltage
When I first started getting into the dark synth genre I told myself what could be darker than electronic music. Then I asked myself what's darker than electronic music...And Then! I had an idea! Recently I've been getting into a lot of electronic dance music and listening to a lot of dubstep as well. In the past couple of months I challenged myself to create something new, something you don't hear everyday. We always hear this really happy and emotional music on the radio and it gets annoying because the industry prides itself more upon chord progression rather than how it makes someone feel. Music is supposed to be freedom to express yourself. So anyways I started listening to a lot of REZZ and for those of you who know, you know :D REZZ makes a lot of spacy techno music which in turns is labeled as electronic downtempo or more commonly EDM. What spoke to me was her heavy basslines that didn't just make me head bang but also made me enjoy the energy it gave off. So I decided to go with that concept. When I started making the song it was a whirlwind of stuff. I was stuck in between parts 2:17 and 3:11. making that crispy wobble was a tough challenge because I wanted to compress the sound on the high bands to give off a lower raspy sound almost like a blown speaker which I immediately thought about Skrillex. I'll explain it all in my upcoming Insider Post. The soundtrack was meant to be dark but also give you a sort of chill but also bouncy mood. Essentially this project was random at the time and I only really started working on it after I finished finalizing "Underwater Bitz". The song hits hard in my opinion but I'll let you guys decide what you think. Personally I see this as an improvement since my work back 3 years ago. I hope you guys enjoy this release and don't forget to check me out on Spotify and Apple Music. The Music Video comes out later tomorrow. -Teckmo-Xmore
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