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Say It First
Hi y'all, just dropped this chill r&b lofi pop track a few days ago. My influences are from many genres, so that's why it's hard to define the genre of this one. I've been carrying the demo of this track for almost two decades. After a really long journey of soul-searching, I finally finished it and am so thrilled share it with you! So here's a brief description about 'Say It First': Say It First embodies the journey of two strangers breaking barriers to get to know each other. The melancholic and nostalgic sounds are a testament to past and present issues we face everyday. Just like passing ships, we miss opportunities to connect with strangers, making assumptions before getting to know them. We lose sight of what’s important, being caught in our personal storms, not realizing that we are all in the same boat. So why not be the first to start a conversation. Let's learn to be kind. Let's say it first! :)more
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