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Zero Gravity
Feeling stressed right now? Come chill with this space quokka for a little while... -- 🛰 -- Zero Gravity started on June 30, 2016, making this my 5th oldest finished track. Some of the sounds actually came from an even earlier track I made in December 2015 (now deleted), called "Vultures". -- Back when I was figuring out how to use GarageBand, "Vultures" was my attempt at making myself an ambient track to put on loop to better fall asleep to. Months later, I decided to isolate the "spacy" sounds into this track, called "Zero Gravity", because listening to it brings up images in my mind of an astronaut floating in space tethered to a satellite. -- It's my 45th release, and also my 4th ambient release, the others being Surreality, Dark Forest, and Occultation. Of all my tracks, Zero Gravity has got to be my most peaceful one. -- 🛰 -- To hear Zero Gravity on the platform of your choice, go to! -- For the latest MOULE updates, follow or bookmark!more
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