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2020 OVERTURE: A turbulent track soundtracking the catastrophic start to 2020, thundering through as fast as 800 beats per minute in some parts! -- 🦠 -- Released on April 25 this year, 2020 OVERTURE is about how catastrophic the start of 2020 was. From the threat of World War 3, Australia's huge bushfires, a coronavirus pandemic that normalised lockdowns, Krakatoa erupting, earthquakes, floods, economic instability, and overall drama. It is such a wild time, so I made this wild tune to "bookmark" the moment. It's also self expression; pent-up anger and stress from routine changes and moving house while working from home... 2020 OVERTURE is the musical version of me screaming! -- 2020 OVERTURE symbolises the utter insanity of the year with hard-hitting beats and jarring synths swinging from 100 BPM to 800 BPM. I used different, harsh-hitting genres in some areas with different speeds to reflect the turbulance people are going through right now with facing unemployment, having to work / study from home, or even more challenging: having COVID-19, or being an essential / healthcare worker at the front lines of the pandemic (thank you for your heroic efforts!!). -- 2020 OVERTURE is definitely not meant to be enjoyable for everyone. In fact, you might argue it's a terrible track for a terrible year, but it sure was fun to make and I will not apologise for the deliberate harshness of this track! I think this is one of my best tracks, along with Yggdrasil Fall. -- 🦠 -- You can hear this on other platforms of your choosing, like Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify, at! -- Follow me on for the latest MOULE updates!more
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