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Love and Give
Just my idea of an average little Christmas song, with a little chipmunk commentary, and some guitar and synth tones in support. Lyrics below... You know it’s getting close to Christmas That’s right it’s almost here But don’t get too excited, cause in a couple of minutes It’ll be over again this year. I don’t know what to tell you, but this thing is mostly there to sell stuff But if you get to thinking about the guy Who made the world aware of things… Maybe it’s ok then, let’s put the Christ back in Christmas Put the Christ back. Hey man give everything away and follow him. It’s another another Christmas full of Buying stuff and giving it to each other “Why’d she get me that? I don’t wear sweaters with deers And antlers lots of antlers…I never wear those And I don’t want a tie, I never want another tie unless maybe It has deers antlers ha. Lets stink up the neighborhood after we rip the wrapping off burning it in the chimney. Stink up the neighbors… Merry Christmas everybody! more
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