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PROWLER - Cyberpunk darkwave synthwave music soundtracking Amanda the stray cat's "lethal cuteness" as she tries to steal Tom's skateboard! -- To stream this on other platforms like YouTube and Spotify, go to -- Prowler Merch (including some for your cats!): -- Prowler was created on June 6, 2023 and finished during a very distracting September 2, 2023 after I overcame yet another musical rut...but mostly because Squirrel Overboard was about to be released and at the time I had nothing scheduled for release after it, prompting me to finish Prowler. -- Outside the Smellville store, Tom calmly skateboards down a path, unaware that a prowling Amanda is around the corner and feeling quite mischievous tonight as she gets ready to steal his skateboard! -- This track is the second to soundtrack Amanda and her "cute-but-deadly" prowler instincts, the first track being appropriately-titled "Lethal Cuteness": -- I think it's my new best track in the synthwave genre. I'm quite proud of the mastering too, especially since I was easily distractible when I finished this! -- Let me know what you think on the Fediverse at MASTODON.MOULE.WORLD/@MOULE (or copy and paste @[email protected] into your own instance's search bar), or get in contact via "Contact MOULE" to the right of this page! -- Visit MOULE.WORLD for all MOULE links! more
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