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I Can't Be (Let Down)
Esteban Ortiz is a singer, songwriter, producer, and writer born and raised in New York. His music is inspired by both golden age and modern Hip Hop/R & B; as well as classic artists like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He can sing out raw baritone vocals that can resonate to any music lover and his lyrics speak to moments in his life that can truly connect to anyone, young, old, rich or poor. The rekindling of an old love, feelings of drunken hopelessness, the electricity you have with friends on a weekend. The Lounge Singer you pass in the hotel lobby who utilizes gorgeous pianos and 808's to bring back an old sound with a modern twist. He is a voice in the creative field you do not want to sleep on - someone who understands how to invent, reinvent, collaborate and will always give the listener something to ponder. Set to release on January 29th, 2021. Follow @wearegrownchildish on IG for further inquiries. more
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