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Soaring through speeds up to 2020 BPM, "2020 OVERKILL" is THE FASTEST TRACK on Slaps!! -- 💥 -- If all of 2020 were summed up in one 2020 BPM hellscape, this would be it. Concluding one of the most catastrophic years in recent history, 2020 OVERKILL is my 40th and final release in 2020. It's the on-steroids sequel to an earlier track I put out called "2020 OVERTURE". It's an "extratone" track (music that's 1000 BPM or higher), as it clocks in at up to 2020 beats per minute! -- I always had this idea to make a sequel to 2020 OVERTURE, my most-played track on Bandcamp that I didn't expect to be enjoyed as it was. I think there's just something awe-inspiring about very fast music. -- The idea was to summarise ALL of 2020 into a track just as extreme as the year itself. This year has become a huge meme where all sorts of apocalyptic events like bushfires, a pandemic, financial instability, social upheaval, a militarised police state, heightened surveillance, lockdowns, and everything from a dystopian novel all happened at once. Orwell was 36 years too early! -- So, I thought it was appropriate to have a track which runs at 2020 BPM, as the sort of "final boss" of my releases this year. It's my crack at the whole "sum up 2020 in one image / track" meme. -- This is the ANGRIEST track I've ever produced (particularly starting at 5:11). It's a harsh track for a harsh year, and I'm not apologising for it! A year of anger at how bad the world turned, screamed out into this extratone hellscape. -- 💥 -- Here's to another crazy year! You can hear this on other platforms of your choosing, like Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify, at! -- Follow me on for the latest MOULE updates!more
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